Welcome to Årefjällsloppet 2018!

Welcome to Årefjällsloppet 2018!

Welcome to the sixth edition of Årefjällsloppet, March 24th. The race offers astonishing skiing in the end of March when the mountains are at their best. You will ski on well-groomed tracks along logging roads, across lakes, up over the mountains with the finish in Edsåsdalen.

Årefjällsloppet´s 5.5 category is 55 km in classic technique. In addition there is two shorter distances, the 3.0 category which is 30 km and the 1.1 category which is 11km. Årefjällsloppet is a complete ski weekend that offers something for everyone! All categories are held in classic technique and with a mass start. 

The registration fees are:

Registration fee    
Årefjällsloppet 1.1
(16 years old and younger)
Årefjällsloppet 1.1
(17 years old and older)
Årefjällsloppet 3.0    700kr
Årefjällsloppet 5.5    900kr
Stafetten    2500kr

For questions please contact info@arefjallsloppet.se


Accommodation: See links under the Swedish text; ”BOENDE”

Start bibs: Information about places to pick upp your start bib will be informed in the PM.
Transportation to start: there are busses going from Åre, Undersåker, Edsåsdalen and Ottsjö to start that can be booked at registration.
If needed we organise for your clothes to be sent back to the finish in Åre. And at start you will find toilets and health care.
Drink stations are placed along the course. There is also waxing service, pole service and health care at each drink station.
Finish: The finish line is in Edsåsdalen and there will be bustransportation to Åre, Undersåker, Trillevallen, Ottsjö and Vålådalen after the finish. 

Take the opportunity to stay a few more days and experience the Swedish mountains. Åre is known for World Cup competitions, skiing and can offer a wide range of entertainment with restaurants, bars, coffee shops and après-ski. The area also offers great ski tours, dog sledding, snowmobiling, ice fishing and horseback riding.

For more information see websites


We wish you a great winter and hope to see you in Åre!